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One of the best hotels in the world is any Hilton Hotel and Resort that can be found globally. Hilton’s owns about 4,200 hotels in 93 countries. Embassy Suites, Garden Inn, and Hampton are all hotel companies that Hilton owns. Hampton believes that embracing local culture and giving a guest a valuable experience along the way is important. Hilton’s wide reach globally makes it one of the best hotel providers in the world. Another hotel that’s considered one of the best is Hyatt Hotel Corporation. This corporation owns about 445 hotels around the world, including 47 Park Hyatt hotels. These hotels provide travelers with gourmet dining, professional concierge services, and impressive business amenities. Furthermore, Marriott is another excellent hotel company. Marriott firmly believes in putting people first and does its best to make sure that travelers have a good experience during their stay. Marriott Hotels remains to be Marriott’s most recognized brand of hotels. The brand itself is recognized as being the hotel that people choose the most to stay at for over 50 years.

JW Marriott is also an exceptional international luxury hotel brand that focuses on exactly what is genuinely sought out. The important details of a hotel that are never too tiny to be noticed are an international luxurious brand giving a carefully planned guest journey. It exudes a relaxed sophistication that is friendly and pleasant, allowing seasoned tourists to be themselves. In Europe, Marriott International makes its first foray into the economic tier, three-star hotel category. The startup brand blends current attractive designs, personable service, and, most crucially, cheap pricing to attract rapidly emerging millennials. Another great hotel brand is SpringHill Rooms. SpringHill Rooms is a refreshing change of pace in the hotel experience, with sophisticated suites and pampering décor that merge substance with style. This brand was created specifically for the fast-growing sector of lifestyle tourists looking for sharp, contemporary experiences in the upper-moderate price range. Gaylord Hotels reflect the history of its places, from the picturesque banks of the Potomac River in Washington, D.C., to the vibrant heart of the Musical City in Tennessee. Gaylord Hotels resort getaways combine spectacular locations, opulent rooms, and international performances, all driven by the brand’s signature “Everything within One Place” philosophy.