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A valuable trait a person can have is the ability to control their emotions. This is to maximize your trustworthiness among people and ensure that you are in proper health. The best you can do is to restrict how you show your emotions. People usually believe that it is impossible to control their emotions and are usually determined by genetics and culture. Here are some of the ways you can control your emotions.

You should note down your main values and keep checking them. Emotions and pressure are usually an indication of conflicts within the main values. When you identify the conflict, it is easier to respond cautiously, make proper decisions, or simply avoid conflict.

Make a list that should be completed by the end of the day. Overloading your mind with a long list of important items might lead to an emotional outburst or even burnout. Therefore, limit external interruptions so that you can focus on each one.

Always look for positives and avoid negatives. When challenges overcome you, it is better to be optimistic and realize that they bring about opportunities to learn things.

Know your limits and avoid unreasonable requests. This helps you avoid the emotional turmoil of trying to complete tasks, not on your horizon. It is better to refer them instead.

Never delegate duties to more than 80% of your time. This may lead to pressure and emotions taking up a better chunk of your time.

Build correct relationships. This may limit the number of conflicts that will surround you. In fact, it will be beneficial for you as most probably you will acquire good ideas.

Put a clear boundary between work and free time. Make a habit that indicates a transition between work time and free time. Use this transition as a moment to let go of the emotional baggage when going into free time and bracing yourself when going into work time.

Avoid procrastination. Procrastination causes one to substitute preparation for emotions. Completing assignments early and acquiring proper feedback leads to confidence.

Celebrate your achievements to offset your setbacks. It is almost impossible to be good at everything. Therefore, we should celebrate our capabilities.

Acquire hobbies. Hobbies present an opportunity to relieve pressure from work.