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Now that the Covid-19 virus is under better control and people are getting vaccinated, your company may be expecting you to return to the office. While this may be a welcomed change for some people, it can also create a certain degree of stress. That’s because you’ve become accustomed to your work-at-home routine and things are going to change significantly. That said, here are some ways to get yourself reacclimated to life at the office.

Start Getting to Bed Earlier

When you worked at home, you may have stayed up a little later because you didn’t have a commute. Now that you’re returning to work, it’s advisable to get on an earlier schedule. For one thing, you’re going to need the extra rest to withstand the demand of your workday. The extra sleep will also help you endure any undue stress you encounter.

Take Plenty of Breaks

Make sure you take all the fifteen-minute breaks you’re allotted as well as the half-hour or hour lunch. This will give your mind and body the breaks they need to refuel. It’s also advisable to get away from your work venue for lunch. Eat lunch outside if it’s warm. The sun is known to enhance your overall health, according to Fast Company.

Get Reacquainted with Workmates

Spend part of your day getting to know your coworkers again. Find out what they’ve been up to and reestablish old friendships. It’s much easier to get back into your old routine and tolerate your job if you get along with people.

Set Reasonable Goals

Spend time each day writing out your itinerary and going through your emails. Just don’t overwhelm yourself by expecting to accomplish too much too soon. Set priorities and make sure your daily objectives are attainable.

Prepare Meals and Wardrobe in Advance

Chances are you spent a lot of time working at home in more casual clothing. Your refrigerator and microwave were also a dozen or so steps away. This convenience will disappear as you return to the office. You may even need to buy some new work clothes. Woman’s Day recommends that you spend some time each night preparing your lunch and arranging your wardrobe. It will save you time when the busy workday arrives.

Adhere to some or all of these practices and it will ease your transition back into your old work routine.